Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Mule!!!

Our new Toy!!! Only in East, TX....lol. We don't really need it....but it sure is FUN!!!! Thank goodness it only goes 25 mph!!

Haven't gotten to ride it much with all the rain we've been getting. It did get first priority in the garage, so this weekend it's "clean out the garage weekend". Oh well!! Here's to the Mule!!

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Julie said...

We found you!! You better get going on that blog! You haven't updated it in a while!! Actually, Andrew made the update comment, and I don't know why he did because he doesn't have a clue about keeping up a blog!! It is very fun! It really make me appreciate the "everyday" events when I post them to my blog! The fun part is going back and looking at everything! See ya soon. Andrew said, "Hello!".